Custom Consulting

Because we start with spreadsheets, we don’t have to reinvent the user interface or any of the super powerful things that spreadsheets already do.

…and because we exist within the Google Universe, we work with Google Classroom and most G Suite services like Gmail, and Calendar.

The result is that we can create completely customized student information systems and dashboards in weeks instead of years. Let us present you with a demonstration.

How we work: We do a free Google hangout and decide if this approach is the right one for you and your team. We then create a free demo for you so that you can get an idea of what we can create and the speed in which we can do it. If you are interested, we estimate the cost based on the size of your project. Typical schools are between $25,000 – $50,000 plus a per student fee starting at a very low $1.50/student/year.

Education is finally breaking out of the traditional factory model…

Most available Student Systems force schools to choose between a limited number of traditional educational models. THIS RESTRICTS THOSE WITH THE ACTUAL ANSWERS FROM IMPROVING EDUCATION – the educators in our schools – from building truly innovative educational approaches.

Our systems can match the speed of your school’s innovation.

Are you working for your SIS/LMS or is it working for you?

You have ideas you have not implemented because your LMS is not flexible enough. We know that educators are bursting with ideas that they have not implemented because their technology can not adapt fast enough. If you have an idea, often we can make the change that same week! Even during the school year. The result… Rapid Iteration. We believe that some of our schools are a decade or more ahead of traditional school models.

“Copyscripts and Admin Console have been invaluable tools for Building 21. Communication of progress and growth in a competency-based model is essential for students and families. Using these tools allows us to quickly prototype and iterate different dashboard designs within a few hours and immediately propagate changes to all of our users. We would not have been able to learn as quickly as we have without these tools.”

-Thomas Gaffey, Chief Instructional Technologist

“Working with xSoTec to create our custom dashboard completely changed our lives when it comes to assessing and tracking student progress. Previous platforms forced us to change our practice and language to fit within a system that was designed to work with multiple schools. We were looking for something that was simple, yet captured all of the complexities of assessing student learning in a personalized project-based school. …We wanted a simple system that used our current language and practices that could clearly communicate with staff, students, and parents. Through our work with xSoTec, that’s exactly what we were able to create!”

Julia Bamba, Principal

The power of Spreadsheets:

Integration: Do you have data in many different places? Do your students, parents and staff need to go to multiple systems to get information they need? Our system can read any CSV or spreadsheet and output everything into a single student, staff or parent dashboard.

Data Analysis: Does your system limit your ability to analyze data? Everything in our system is already kept within a spreadsheet. If the data exists in your system, then you already have all of the data analysis capabilities that you could ever need via the native capabilities of spreadsheets.

Speed: Imaging going from concept to implementation in weeks instead of years. How quickly could you progress if you could test your educational approaches almost as fast as you think of them. That is the power of our system and EXTREMELY RAPID ITERATION.