xSuite by xSoTec

We created a FREE suite of tools that works within the Google Apps for Education suite, allowing educators the ability to build their own learning management system, use dashboard templates developed by other schools, or mix and match to create a system with both new and borrowed ideas.

Introducing xSuite by xSoTec.

A simple spreadsheet add-on for educators.

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Make your Gradebook innovative and effective.

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AdminConsole enables us to create a template of a Google Spreadsheet and then replicate across an entire organization or school. Once replicated, we can also use adminConsole to edit all of those spreadsheets manually or programmaically using the xUtil library below.


CopyScripts allows an organization to copy and manipulate large amounts of data from one or more spreadsheets to one or more spreadsheets. Using triggers, we can move the data automatically on a daily or hourly basis. Using the xUtil library below copyScripts is fully functional from within Google Apps Scripting as a library.

Backup System

Using this tool, you can create copies of any file within a folder on a regular basis. If you set it create a backup daily, it will only create a backup of the file if you have edited the file since the last time it was backed up.