Our Systems Can Match the Speed of your School’s Innovation

Rapidly iterate and find the solution that is right for you. Our development platform is flexible and agile, allowing us to work with our partners to build education technology solutions to their specifications at a fraction of the cost of traditional custom software.

The Power of xSoTec

Integration. Do you have data in many different places? Do your students, parents, and staff need to go to multiple systems to get the information they need? Our system can read any CSV or spreadsheet and output everything into a single student, staff, or parent dashboard. Because our platform is based in Google Suite, we can easily integrate other Google resources like Gmail, Google Classroom, and Calendar.

Data Analysis. Does your system limit your ability to analyze data? Everything in our system is already kept within Google Sheets. If the data exists in your system, then you already have all of the data analysis capabilities that you could ever need via the native capabilities of spreadsheets.

Speed. Go from concept to implementation in weeks instead of years. Quickly progress your educational approaches as fast as you think of them. That is the power of our system and rapid iterative development.

Curious to learn more? We are always happy to talk to learn more about your school and help you decide if xSoTec is the right solution for you.

“Working with xSoTec to create our custom dashboard completely changed our lives when it comes to assessing and tracking student progress. Previous platforms forced us to change our practice and language to fit within a system that was designed to work with multiple schools. We were looking for something that was simple, yet captured all of the complexities of assessing student learning in a personalized project-based school. …We wanted a simple system that used our current language and practices that could clearly communicate with staff, students, and parents. Through our work with xSoTec, that’s exactly what we were able to create!”

Julia Bamba, Principal