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xSoTec has extensive experience crafting custom technology solutions for schools and school districts built on free and accessible Google platforms. Whether it’s a competency-based grading system, a progress tracking system, or a behavior management system, xSoTec can help.

Our systems, built on the already powerful platform of Google Sheets and Google Scripts, utilize our own internal set of tools that allow us to develop quicker and more efficiently than other custom software developers. This gives our partner schools the flexibility to rapidly iterate on ideas to find the solutions that is right for them and their students. 

Custom Development with xSoc
Advanced Google Sheets Solutions

xSoTec transforms Google Sheets and Workspace into comprehensive education systems. Learn more about how we can be your Google Workspace experts and turn your existing spreadsheets into something so much more.

The power of xSoTec is not just limited to education. Our tools and systems can be applied across industries. xSoTec can help capture new data or help consolidate, organize, and track existing data by turning it into a multi-sheet database. Build user-friendly reports and personalized interfaces all in the Google Suite. Our system and tools provide our partners with adaptable custom solutions at a fraction of the cost of competitors. 

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